Provisional International Merchandise Trade Statistics 2006-2015

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This is the first public release on International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS) by the Nauru Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The NBS has used partner country data and enterprise data to compile it’s IMTS on an annual basis from 2006 to 2015 and will continue doing this until such time it is able to source data from Nauru Customs1.

Nauru’s major trading partners/countries of consignment are Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. These are the three countries from which data have been sourced and after valuation adjustments turned into Nauru’s IMTS. There is a possibility that information on some merchandise, in particular those that don’t pass through these countries have not been accounted for. Omission of data, if any, is not deemed to be significant.

This release which provides statistics on exports and imports by commodity and country will help policy makers’ better plan and negotiate trade deals as well as develop relevant trade policies. Appendix 1 of the release contains 9 tables on imports, exports and re-exports and Appendix 2 contains notes to help readers better understand the terminologies used. 

Pacific Annual Attachment Programme - Statistics NZ

Project Name : Modernisation of Nauru’s Consumer Price Index

Venue: Statistics New Zealand, Wellington

Date: March 3rd - 28th, 2014 (1Month)


nz work attach RAM march2014 v2


Purpose : Upgrading and standardising our CPI processes and procedures including documentation, quality control will affirm our credibility to our users with a modern and trustworthy CPI system facilitated by a developed institution such as NZStats. 


Reason : As slightly highlighted above the project is important because it will improve credibility and with that it will improve user base but most importantly it supports our blue print for development the so called Nauru’s Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS 2009). The primary goal is to improve the Economic Statistics portfolio. 


Key outputs : Primarily we are interested in standardising our processes in the area’s as follows :

1. Improved, standardise design of pricing sheet with options of utilising any modern and viable technology.

2. Improved, standardise quality control measures with options of utilising any data entry software specifically catered for CPI

3. Improved, standardise output to accommodate in depth analysis, projections,  and capacity building 


All 3 recommended outputs are focused on NZStats system and processes which can be adopted into Nauru’s CPI system.

In-Country Monograph Development news

The activities for the Monograph Development for Fertility and Mortality took place in Nauru during 01st -13th December, 2013 (2 weeks).  The financial and technical support was provided by the United Nation Population Fund, South Pacific Regional Office (UNFPA-SPRO) based in Suva, Fiji.


The national consultation for stakeholders (data users) was conducted at the Civic Centre Conference Hall on Thursday 12th December, 2013.  The introductory presentater was carried out by Mr Lindsay Thoma from the Nauru Bureau of Statistics and the main presenter was carried out by the consultant Dr Ricardo Neupert from the UNFPA.  The formal invitation was extended to total thirty four participants and the communication was openly interactive for discussion purposes.


The purpose of the monograph development was mainly to further provide in-depth analytical report particularly focusing on fertility and mortality based on results from the Nauru Census 2011 and the progressive completion of the report will begin submitting the first draft between end of January 2014 to mid-February 2014.


Above: Dr Neupert during national consultation for stakeholders at Nauru Civic Centre Hall

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