Economic Indicator Summary

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ECONOMIC INDICATORS Results Latest year Source
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 39.2 2010p United Nations
GDP Growth to the previous year (%) -11.3 2010p ADB
Exports $m 55 2010 Nauru Bureau of Statistics
Imports $m 16 2010 Australia Bureau of Statistics
Balance of Trade $m 39 2010 As above
Government Finance      
Revenue $m 31.6 FY2011-12 Nauru Treasury
Expenditure $m 32.5 FY2011-12 Nauru Treasury
Balance $m -0.90 FY2011-12 Nauru Treasury
Labour Force      
Number of persons unemployed 908 2011 Census
Number of persons employed 2,883 2011 Census
Unemployment rate (%) 23 2011 Census
Labour force participation rate (%) 64 2011 Census
(Compiled by Nauru Bureau of Statistics)