HIES Round 13

HIES ROUND 13 - BOE  (report to be finalised)

Nauru Household Income Expenditure Survey has completed Round 13 field work enumeration of District in Boe.  There are 4 enumerators given a workload of 9-10 households each to cover the sample selection total of 39. This time, they managed to complete a total of 35 households with a response rate of 91%. The next round which is round 14, will take place in the Districts of Aiwo/Buada for the second time rounds.

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At the completion of Round 13, the eligible household were invited to take part in the Lucky Dip Draw which took place on Saturday 20th July 2013 between 10am-10.30am.  The winner received a Shopping Voucher worth $150 at Capelle and Partner.


i) CONGRATULATIONS to MRS DELVINA CAPELLE, WINNER for HIES Shopping Voucher of $150 at Capelle and Partner, presented by Senior Constable Roak Notte of Police Force.

ii) CONGRATULATIONS to MR RAIMIN ITSIMAERA, WINNER for Mystery Prize of $40 sponsored by Assistant Coordinator for HIES and was claimed by mother inlaw Salome Temaki. 


iii) CONGRATULATIONS to MR CHRIS DABANA  WINNER for 2nd Mystery Prize sponsored by Assistant Coordinator for HIES and invitation delivered to household.